Our advice for the practice of canoe kayak

Conditions to do the canoe trail

Our routes are accessible to all public provided that:

  • You know how to swim 25 meters and be submerged under water
  • To be over 6 years old
  • To be in good physical condition
  • Not pregnant

Time of the route and lunch break

Leave in complete freedom and without constraints on our route, COLLIAS - PONT du GARD and COLLIAS - LA BAUME. Take your picnic and enjoy your day !

All our routes are done in a day by taking your food and drinks. For this trail we can also offer you our formula of 2 days with bivouac to enjoy even more your adventure.

Trails in 2 days

The course RUSSAN -PONT du GARD (30km) is very enduring on a day. We advise you to make this descent over 2 days.

Environment, outfit, equipment for canoeing

We are reminding you that:

  •   Fires are prohibited
  •   It is forbidden to approach nesting areas of Bonelli eagles
  •   It is necessary to respect the fauna and flora of local residents and other users of the site (fishermen, hikers...)

Recommended attire/clothing:

  •   In summer a short and a tee-shirt are fine.
  •   Predict a wind blow for the after season.
  •   The port of closed shoes (baskets, slippers) are mandatory(arrêté ministériel du 4 mai 1995).
  •   You can also rent a wet suits, and buy some neoprene shoes (inquire at the reception).
  •   Spare clothes for the arrival.

Recommended equipment:

  •   Sun cream (hat, t-shirt, cream...).
  •   Sunglasses (rope to attach them) purchase possible on the spot
  •   Picnic.
  •   Water (minimum of 1 litter per person).
  •   Towel.

Natura 2000

The Gorges du Gardon are classed in a zone "natura 2000". " Natura 2000 ". There are no dedicated areas for bivouac.
The bivouac will be done in outdoors and fires are prohibited.

Practical recommendations from the team Kayak Vert.

We do not recommend taking with you valuable objects (camera, camcorder...). L’étanchéité des conteneurs ne pouvant être totalement garantie.

Kayak Vert cannot be responsible of the total or partial destruction of the lost of valuable objects and personal things transported in the containers.

You are going to cross classified and protected sites, respect the wildlife and the flora (fires are prohibited, bring back your rubbish)

All the team Kayak Vert Pont du Gard thank you and wish you a good trail !

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